Which Secrid Wallet Is Right for You?

Which Secrid Wallet Is Right for You?

Which Secrid Wallet Is Right for You?

You’ve read our last blog post - 5 Reasons Why You Need A Secrid Wallet In Your Pocket – and you’ve decided that you’ve got to have one (a great decision by the way).

But now that you’ve started browsing our award-winning Secrid range of wallets, you’ve realised that there are quite a few options to choose from. So… how can you be sure which Secrid’s right for you?

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled this short guide which breaks down the main differences across the Secrid range.


If you’re not one for carrying much cash (coins or notes), preferring instead to rely on your trusty cards for day-to-day living, look no further than the Secrid Cardprotector. This ultra-minimalist wallet is basically the Secrid cardprotector flying solo without the plush leather casing.

Affording all the same card protection benefits (including RFID blocking) as the other wallets in the Secrid range, the Cardprotector’s patented sliding mechanism allows you to access 4-6  cards quickly and easily in one simple motion.

Available in a range of colours and designs, there’s a Secrid Cardprotector to suit everyone’s tastes.


Next up is the Secrid Cardslide. This slick character is actually a modular wallet, comprising a Cardprotector and a Slide (hence the name). Held together by a sturdy Moneyband, the Secrid Cardslide gives you a bit more space for extra banknotes, coins, business cards and small personal items.

The beauty of the Cardslide is that it provides you with options. Being effectively two wallets in one, the Cardslide enables you to choose between carrying just cards; cards and cash; or cards, cash and whatever else you can fit in the concealed sliding compartment.


Looking for something a little iconic that’s a certified all-rounder? Look no further than the Secrid Miniwallet. This highly versatile wallet packs an enormous punch considering its compact size.

At the heart of the Secrid Miniwallet is the patented Cardprotector, which safely stores 4-6 of your cards and prevents them from getting bent, broken and/or maliciously scanned. This is then deliciously wrapped in high quality Secrid leather – which is ethically produced, with as little impact to the environment as possible.

Featuring a strong clasp to hold everything safely together inside, the Secrid Miniwallet is perfect if you like to carry a bit more than just cards.


If you like the look and sound of the Secrid Miniwallet we’ve just covered, but you ideally want something a little bit slimmer, then opt for the Secrid Slimwallet.

Having lost the clasp that its Miniwallet sibling wears so elegantly, the Slimwallet is as svelte as you can get - without losing a bunch of functionality and security. The central Cardprotector, with its patented sliding mechanism and RFID blocking technology, remains unchanged, meaning you can quickly and easily access 4-6 of your cards.

Still undecided between the Miniwallet and the Slimwallet? This short post of ours should provide you with a bit more food for thought.


Last but certainly not least is the Secrid Twinwallet, the small wallet that can hold twice the stuff.

With twin Cardprotectors at its core, the Secrid Twinwallet can safely and securely hold up to 12 of your cards – protecting them from breaking, bending and unwanted wireless scanning. There’s also enough room for banknotes, receipts, a few coins and business cards.

But don’t worry, even with all that extra space, the Secrid Twinwallet remains seriously compact and securely closed with its robust clasp, so you can rest assured that your cards and cash are always safe.

Now you know which Secrid wallet is right for you, all that’s left is to choose your favourite colour/design.

Check out our broad Secrid range now. In just a few days, you could be holding one in your hand.