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What is the Secrid Cardslide?

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Secrid Cardslide Explained 

The Cardslide is Secrid's compact modular wallet, which stores your cards, cash, coins, receipts, and keys. The beauty of the Cardslide being interchangeable is that it allows for customisation of any part of the wallet. The Cardslide can be used in three ways as seen here. 
Secrid Cardprotector BlackSecrid MoneybandSecrid Construction Cardslide
1.Just the Secrid Cardprotector, which can hold 4-6 cards and is RFID blocking. 

2.Secrid Cardprotector with moneyband. You are able to fold notes under the moneyband.

3.Secrid Cardslide. This is all the parts together to make the complete wallet to carry around. 


What makes up the Secrid Cardlside?

The wallet consists of three parts, the Secrid Cardprotector, Tray, and Moneyband, which all come together to make the complete wallet. 

Secrid Cardslide Parts 

Can you customise the Secrid Cardslide?

Absolutely, all parts of the Secrid Cardslide wallet are fully interchangeable allowing you to customise to your heart's content, with over 200 different combinations. 

Get ready to match your look with one of the styles, whether that is for a formal occasion or just heading out to the beach. 
Secrid Cardslide Selection

Who is the Secrid Cardslide for? 

Ideal for a person who carries 4-6 cards, but still needs a place to store coins, receipts, keys. The ability to customise the wallet is also a big plus, one change and you have a new wallet 

Alternative wallets by Secrid to consider...

The Secrid Cardslides are great, but these wallets are not the perfect fit for everyone. Secrid offers four other alternatives which could be a better option depending on your needs.

1. The Miniwallet is our most popular and the all-around wallet. The popper 
fastener keeps the wallet closed and secure.

 2. The Slimwallet is ultimately the same as the Miniwallet, just without the popper fastener, making it a much slimmer alternative, although you cannot store quite as much inside.

3.The Cardprotector is right at the heart of Secrid's collection and is a truly unique product, which has been expertly crafted, winning the Red Dot design award in 2009.  The Cardportector is great for that person who only carries 4-6 cards.
All Secrid wallets have RFID blocking.    
Still not sure, then read our full overview of the different options: Which Secrid Wallet is right for you...
Live Chat: Get an instant evaluation from a wallet expert through live chat. 

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