Difference between a Secrid Miniwallet and Slimwallet?

Difference between a Secrid Miniwallet and Slimwallet?

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What is the difference between a Secrid Miniwallet and Secrid Slimwallet?

About Secrid

Secrid is a company based in Holland who offer a range of tech friendly pocket size wallets. We feel you are sure to love them due to their functionality and RFID blocking capabilities to protect your cards form digital fraud.

 If you are looking to upgrade your wallet, then this could be the one for you…

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A popular question we are always asked on online chat and email is “what’s the difference between a Secrid Miniwallet and a Slimwallet”,  “what’s the better one to go for”.

What is the difference?

The difference between the two is in fact very simple. The Miniwallets range all come with a clasp to keep the wallet closed and the Slimwallets come without a clasp. Please note no magnets are used on ether wallets.

The Miniwallets allow more cards and cash to be stored in the leather surround, keeping it nice and safe with the clasp closed. Alternatively the Slimwallets are a lot slimmer, although you are limited to what you can store inside the wallet without it opening too much. Both Secrid wallets can store 4-6 cards in the Cardprotector.

Which one is the best for you…

Secrid Miniwallet

If you are a person who likes to carry cards, cash, coins, business cards, receipts etc, then we would recommend going for the Miniwallet, as you are able to store a large amount inside and the clasp ensures it is kept safe.

Secrid Slimwallet

If you are a person who mainly uses a few cards and a bit of cash, then the Slimwallet might be the better option for you. Not having the clasp makes the wallet so much slimmer allowing it to fit into your pocket more easily.


We offer a wide range of different colour options for both the Secrid Miniwallets and Slimwallets. You are sure to find the perfect wallet for you amongst our collection. 

If you would like further details please feel free to email or message us on online chat.

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