5 Reasons Why You Need A Secrid Wallet In Your Pocket

5 Reasons Why You Need A Secrid Wallet In Your Pocket

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Despite their modest size, small wallets pack quite a punch in terms of the useful features they deliver. If you’ve never owned one, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

To remedy that (and to give you some food for thought when you’re next in the market for a new wallet), we’ve written this blog post all about our bestselling, award winning Secrid wallet: the ultimate slim wallet.

1. Built-in card protection (both physical & RFID blocking)

Every Secrid wallet features a built-in aluminum cardprotector. Now this cardprotector doesn’t just protect your cards from bending and breaking (obviously it does that too), it also prevents them from being scanned and later cloned, or used for payments without your knowledge by an unscrupulous individual standing just a few meters away from you.

You see, most modern cards have an embedded RFID chip. It allows for quick and convenient payments to be made by touching your card on a scanner. But it’s a technology that can be exploited – even while your card is in your wallet. The only way to secure your cards is by storing them in a wallet that has inbuilt RFID protection – a wallet like Secrid.

2. Access your cards without even opening your wallet

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Secrid’s built-in card protection makes accessing your cards difficult or time consuming – quite the opposite, in fact. Thanks to Secrid’s patented quick access mechanism, accessing your cards is actually easier and quicker than with a traditional wallet – literally at the touch of a button!

Take a look for yourself at just how satisfying the Secrid quick access mechanism is to use:


Pretty slick, right!?

3. Ethically made in Holland from high-quality leather

Secrid wallets are made in Holland by superior craftsman. They are also made from only the best and most ethically and environmentally friendly produced leather. This reality offers two main benefits to you:

  1. You get total peace of mind in the knowledge that your Secrid wallet is built to last and you won’t have to replace it any time soon.
  2. You get the satisfaction of knowing that the wallet you bought has been ethically produced in a country with strict laws governing working conditions, plus its manufacture was as efficient and clean as possible.

4. Only carry what you need

Take your current wallet out of your pocket and have a look what’s inside it. Now ask yourself, do I really need all this stuff in my wallet? While it’s not a problem to carry around important bits of paper and membership cards you’ve collected over the years, it adds unnecessary weight and risk.

If you lose your wallet, the hassle associated with replacing all those cards can be a real pain. With a Secrid wallet, you will find that you only carry what you need e.g. just the cards and small essentials you need on a daily basis.

5. Compact & lightweight but surprisingly spacious & versatile

Secrid wallets are designed to be compact and lightweight (but not so light that you have to keep checking it’s there). Nevertheless, they can still typically hold 6 cards (4 if embossed), plus there’s space for another 4 cards inside. You can also keep banknotes, business cards and receipts in your Secrid wallet too – there’s even room for a few coins!

Need a little bit more space?

Opt for the Secrid Cardslide variant and you can also carry keys, more coins and other small items, as well as your cards and banknotes. That’s because it’s actually two wallets in one, providing ultimate versatility and allowing you to mix things up depending on what you’re doing.

Now you know why you need a Secrid wallet in your pocket, all you’ve got to do is pick the right variant for you. Browse our full range of Secrid wallets online now.

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