The Secrid Bandwallet TPU

The Secrid Bandwallet TPU

A new wallet design from Secrid 

After years of testing and listening to customer feedback, Secrid are unveiling a new bold design inspired by workwear.  Adding in a much requested feature. This blog post will tell you all about the new models.  

New to Secrid? 
Secrid has reinvented the traditional wallet with something thats small, light, compact. With enough space for all your essentials while oozing plenty of style. From the launch of the award winning Cardprotector back in 2009 the brand has gone from strength to strength. Creating over 200 jobs and bringing back the leather industry to Holland. [ Read More about Secrid ]

Introducing the Secrid Bandwallet TPU 

The Design 
Compact like the Slimwallet, securely closed like the Miniwallet. Now with a completely new look and feel. Its unique characteristics and functions mean that the Bandwallet joins the Secrid family as a new category of wallet.

We think Secrid have really hit the mark with this wallet creation. The moneyband feature itself is something our customers have requested.

Three Combinations 
At launch there will be three colour ways to select from. The mat black TPU exterior stays constant across the options, while the different colour Cardprotector and bands provide each wallet with a distinct look. 

The Exterior 
The outer shell of this new wallet is a High-frequency welded TPU cover, which will continue to retain its form, feel and colour. Closed with a specially engineered elastic. 

The Interior 
You can store the usual 4-6 cards in the Cardprotector and extra cards inside. The inside now feature an all new drop shaped cut out. This makes it much easy to see and take out cards from the inside pocket.  

Secure Closure 

The new elastic closure has been tested extensively, to ensure a long lifetime. Thanks to ultrasonic cutting the elastic will not fray. UV resistance of the band ensures colour-retention and elasticity.  Supplier Feature 

The Secrid Bandwallet TPU has came together thanks to their amazing partners, who are all experts in their own craft. Together with Secrid they have moulded an (almost) indestructible wallet. 

 Vegam - TPU experts  
In collaboration with Vegam, they have found a new durable material thats ideal for a Secrid wallet. 

.Scratch resistant
.Retaining colour and texture. 

 A robust material, yet flexible and soft to the touch for comfort. 

 Dutch family company Dolfing Druten
With over 50 years of experience developing indestructible workwear, they have worked with Secrid to create a strong seamless High-frequency weld for the TPU wallet. The results are incredible, creating connections as tuff as the material itself! Helping retain a seamless uninterrupted design for maximise style. Studio Joris de Groo - The Design 
Secrid x Studio Joris de Groo have worked closely together to develop this new modern design for the way forward. With environmental impact now an increasingly important topic. This wallet design fits perfectly for people who are looking for functional, high-quality products that are made to last. Being Transparent 
Secrid strives to be sustainable in every way possible. They say “For every design we focus on sustainability”.  Sometimes it is not yet possible to be completely.  Here are two dilemmas that Secrid would like to share with its community and beyond. 

“Q - Why still a form of plastic material? A - We want our products to reach a maximum lifetime. Although when testing new durable materials, we couldn’t avoid synthetic material such as plastic, our TPU is free of harmful materials such as PVC, benzene and toluene.”

“Q - Why not recycled plastic? A - If we use recycled plastic, the lifetime of this wallet would be significantly shorter. So we choose to use virgin material, with the highest durability”

You can now visit us in store to take a closer look at these wallets or find them online. If you have any questions we are just a message away. 


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 Happy wallet hunting 

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