Swole Panda Sustainable Socks and Belts

Swole Panda Sustainable Socks and Belts

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A Fun and Fresh new brand is here! Swole Panda is a small company run by two young graduate entrepreneurs based in East Sussex who have a keen passion for making sustainable accessories. They offer a wide selection of bamboo socks and recycled belts.

How we found this brand 
We discovered Swole Panda at a London trade fair in September. Attracted to the brand’s fun designs and sustainability, we’ve already had a great reaction in store.  We also like the fact that Swole Panda is 100% transparent with their process  and where the materials are sourced.

Words from the founders of Swole Panda: “After learning about alternative resources and sustainability at university, we decided to launch Swole Panda three years ago with the aim of producing the best quality, longest lasting most sustainable accessories possible.”

Bamboo Process 

The Swole Panda team have ensured the bamboo is being produced responsibly by visiting and inspecting the production process right back to the beginning. They aim to have the smallest possible footprint on the environment and have a positive impact on the workers throughout their whole manufacturing process

Why use Bamboo?
Swole Panda cares for the environment and have found bamboo to be great for sustainably. With all their production processes designed to minimise impact. Species of bamboo take just three years to fully mature. Which makes it one of the most sustainable natural resources the planet has provided us.Grown 100% organically and FSC certified, Swole Panda uses Tanboocell branded Bamboo grown without the use of any pesticides. Meaning that the production of their bamboo socks does not contribute to natural habitat loss or destruction.

Bamboo Processing Journey 
Swole Panda use a fully closed-loop process where the exhaust gas is recovered. It is treated by either cooling, solidification or combustion. 

Production Steps

Bamboo Forest
1.The bamboo is grown in China’s Jiangxi Province on a sustainably managed bamboo forest. The naturally occurring forests contain steep slopes which bamboo can happily grow on, taking advantage of an otherwise unusable area. 

Fun Fact: Bamboo grows very quickly, with yields of up to 10 x higher than cotton for the same area without the need for pesticides.

Pulp Production 
2.Next the harvested bamboo needs to be turned into dried pulp, which will be sold onto the fibre producers. The factory Swole Panda visited have invested heavily in waste-treatment technology to limit environmental impact. Fibre Production
3.Their biggest concern had been around the rumours about the management of the chemicals required to make bamboo pulp into bamboo lyocell and viscose fibre. 

They found that their producers were taking their environmental responsibility very seriously  and working within safe limits. Swole Panda were also amazed to find that one had not only invested millions of dollars in waste-treatment but was committed to becoming a world-leader in sustainable bamboo viscose and lyocell production.Clothing Factories 
4.When the fibres have been knitted into fabric they are moved to a garment factory that share Swole Pandas vision. Treating people and the planet respectfully. They keep the supply base small and make the effort to build strong relationships and long-term partnerships with them, speaking with the team regularly and visiting when they can. 

Swole Panda say: “We believe the best way to know what’s going on in your supply chain is to see it for yourself.”

Recycled belts - Classic style with a sustainable twist. 

Swole Panda have also launched a range of sustainably made belts. They are in fact the first company to make belts from Repreve®, a material composed out of recycled plastic bottles recovered from the ocean. Each belt contains the equivalent of seven plastic bottles that have previously been discarded. This makes the belts more stretchy, without any compromise on quality.

They want to raise awareness of the ongoing misuse and disposal of plastics. 

Each belt is finished with a low-profile, durable brushed zinc-alloy buckle and sustainable regenerated leather trimmings. They are even supplied in a 100% organic cotton pouch. Elasticised Weave
The belts keep their elasticity after they’ve been worn thousands of time thanks to the careful blend of materials used for the weave.Precise Fit 
The belts provide a precise fit to within the nearest centimetre. No more need for more holes or just having to make do. It’s a belt you cannot do without. 

Durable, Elasticated, Sustainable, Breathable

Swole Panda use REPREVE® to make their woven belts which is the recycled performance fibre, used to make sustainable textiles with benefits of wicking, odour control, water resistance, and more.

Billions of plastic bottles go into landfills every year. But now you can do something about it. REPREVE® is the leading and most trusted, branded fibre made from recycled plastic bottles. Purchasing products made from REPREVE® helps make a difference for our future. 


We believe this brand will be a great addition to our collections and look forward to hearing your feedback. Browse our Swole Panda range in store or online. 

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