Creating the Secrid Powder Cardprotectors

Creating the Secrid Powder Cardprotectors

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Dutch brand Secrid has recently introduced four new stunning colours for the summer, featuring two pastel, and a couple of bright colours. But there is much more to these than just their standard Cardprotectors. 

One of Secrid’s main priorities is to create a zero carbon footprint and a zero waste supply chain. Did you know they have already been carbon neutral since 2009?

The Powder Collection 

Secrid have recently developed an old technique of Powdercoating in its pursuit of zero waste production . 

All the Cardprotectors are finished with a tough anodising layer that protects the soft aluminium from scratches. Due to the transparent nature of this layer, the profile retains a metallic appearance which has resulted in any spots and streaks in the aluminium remaining visible.

Cardprotectors that were once rejected because of these tiny imperfections have now been recycled using this powder coating technique to cover the external flaws in the aluminium, which is now not only robust but opaque too. As a bonus, the process enables bright candy colours that don't hold up on anodised aluminium. 


Secrid says “Zero is the new hero”

Deciding on the colours

Secrid wanted to offer something cheerful for everyone, with shops now starting to open around the world. Secrid designers Yeelen and Daniëlle were responsible for the styling of the new Cardprotectors in the colours ochre, fuchsia, sky blue and pistachio.  
They said: 
"It had to not look too feminine. That is why we have chosen two bright colours in addition to pastels. The base and buttons are darker. That keeps them chic and easy to combine with any outfit." 

Steps of Process 

Patented Mechanism

The three fine parts that make up Secrid's signature mechanism. Allowing easy access  to your cards quickly, but still keeping them secure from dropping out. 
Wire: This small wire spring enables smooth operation of the ejector arm. It has been thoroughly tested to ensure life long operation.

Spring: Secrid's patented brake system, made of red felt, holds the cards with a precisely secured force. High grade stainless steel ensures the durability.

Ejector Arm: Secrid's ejector mechanism includes a patented ABS element. This Anti Blocking System makes sure that cards can always be ejected.

Made in Holland

Secrid has transformed the small wallet industry worldwide. Showing you can carry all you need in something thats "pocket size" and still stylish. 

Since the beginning all the wallets have been made in the Netherlands, bringing back the leather industry to a scale never before seen in their country. Employing local people and working with local suppliers has already created over 200 jobs in Holland. 

You can find Secrid in more than 7,000 retailers in 70 different countries. Secrid even launched their own brand store last year. 

Card now preferred 

With card now becoming the preferred payment method, everyone wants to carry less in their pocket. The Secrid Cardprotector makes this possible securely storing your ‘most used’ cards. You can also add the Secrid Moneyband to hold a couple of notes as well.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about how Secrid  has produced these new colours. Feel free to email us any questions.