Small Wallet is now part of Broadleys

Small Wallet is now part of Broadleys

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Building a stronger future

Small Wallets was an e-commerce store on a mission to help as many customers as possible lighten up their pocket and only carry what they really need. We tested many different brands and found the winner to be a dutch company called Secrid.

The business was setup in 2018 by Alex Broadley as part of his Business Entrepreneurship  degree at Falmouth University. He saw a gap in the market for a more convenient pocket size wallet, especially as card is now becoming the preferred payment method.

The initial reaction was incredible, we had so many amazed customers by how compact their wallet could actually become and still fit in all their essentials.

Managing Small Wallets gave Alex a real insight into the many successes and difficulties of running a business. He focused on providing the ultimate customer experience, which really showed from the Trustpilot reviews, achieving a 96% 5 Stars rating. 


After gaining a first class BSc Business Entrepreneurship degree he has now moved his focus to our family retail business in East Grinstead, Broadleys. Established in 1896 we have three main departments, Mens designer clothing, such as  Gant, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger and our Women’s collections are a mix of danish, Italian, German & Spanish brands. On the first floor we have our Women’s Footwear department. 

Why have we merged 

Running two businesses, Alex was handling all the marketing and advertising for both. Small Wallets was predominantly online and Broadleys was mostly in store. So it made commercial sense to combine the two businesses and create an ‘all in one' experience, where you can browse our clothing collections and Secrid wallets in the same place. 

Going forward this website will be constantly updated with all our new clothing collections, so we can reach our lovely customers around the world. 

Virtual experience

In December 2020 we launched our first ever virtual experience, which was seen by over 1500 people, receiving lots of positive feedback. 

Discover our latest tour below. 

Our vision going forward is to recreate the ’In-store’ shopping experience. Nothing will ever compare to walking into a store…. But here’s your next best option! That is open 24/7 and available from the comfort of your home.



Thank you for reading our blog. We plan to share further facts about the history of our business and building in the coming months across our social media. 

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