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New Zealand Menswear Brand Rodd & Gunn Arrives in Britain

One of New Zealand’s fastest-growing menswear brands is already proving to be a big hit among UK consumers. Rodd & Gunn takes pride in creating timeless garments that are made to last.


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At Broadleys, we love working with premium men's designer wear companies from around the world. And one of the most recent international additions to the Broadleys family is the New Zealand menswear brand Rodd & Gunn. 

While this well-respected fashion brand was established in 1987, it has only recently expanded its reach into Europe. Known for its unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship and sustainable manufacturing processes, Rodd & Gunn designs and manufactures Italian leather shoes, classic polo shirts, jeans, tailored shirts, jackets for men and a variety of premium knitwear. 

A selection of padded gilets is, however, the brand’s most eye-catching range. Made with 100% Australian cotton and lightweight insulation, these batten-quilted garments deliver warmth, comfort and style in equal measure. 

That same craftsmanship and quality are also present throughout Rodd & Gunn’s footwear range. Take the Military Boot, for example. Replete with character and innate comfort, this exemplary example of tradecraft is made for traversing the most challenging terrains. 

But one of the brand’s most impressive characteristics is its ability to blend practicality with aesthetic charm — something that’s demonstrated across the entire range. 

Taking the UK Market by Storm 

Rarely do we receive as much interest in a new brand as we have in Rodd & Gunn. The name is already synonymous with quality in New Zealand, which has given the brand a headstart in the UK’s increasingly competitive market for men’s clothes.

The feedback we’ve received from our customers has been nothing short of spectacular. Whether it’s the Rodd & Gunn Straight Cut Jeans or one of the brand’s various polo shirts, this brand’s products are definitely striking a chord with UK consumers. 

We’re always looking for new and exciting brands to bring to the UK; and in Rodd & Gunn, we believe we have one of the best. We’re proud to stock several garments and shoes from the New Zealand fashion house and retailer. Among our bestsellers so far are the padded gilets, the classic polos, the branded T-shirts and the stylish knitwear range. 

But Rodd & Gunn has so much more to offer. As the brand introduces new and exciting items in the European market, we’ll be among the first to bring them to you. 

A Menswear Brand You Can Trust 

So what makes Rodd & Gunn stand out from the competition? They’re not known for their men’s clothing sales, discounts or special offers — they’re known for their classic, evergreen fashions that combine the latest fabrics with age-old manufacturing techniques. And that’s an attractive combination for affluent consumers who prioritise quality over everything else. 

Take a close look at the brand’s stunning men’s shirts, for example, and you’ll see the stunning level of craftsmanship that characterises Rodd & Gunn. Peruse the men’s knitwear range, and you’ll see bespoke designs that are exceptionally difficult to find on the high street. 

The fact that this premium menswear brand enjoys a long association with polo, rugby and ocean racing in New Zealand tells you everything you need to know. Rodd & Gunn has sponsored everyone from the All Blacks rugby union team to New Zealand’s 2012 Olympic Team over the years. 

Rodd & Gunn isn’t a household name in the UK yet, but we’re sure it will be. The brand is synonymous with success and living a quality life — and that’s why we’re proud to be associated with it.

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