Why you should buy an RFID blocking Small Wallet

Why you should buy an RFID blocking Small Wallet

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Keep your personal information safe from high-tech thieves.


In your wallet do you carry ....

Credit Cards? Debit Cards? Drivers Licence? Passport?

Did you know most cards now contain embedded RFID chips which transmit information wirelessly to compatible readers to perform functions such as confirming the person's identity or even paying for a purchase.

As RFID uses radio waves to read the information, your sensitive information can be intercepted from several feet, obtaining your name and country of origin from your passport. More alarmingly, in some demonstrations, RFID skimmers have collected whole credit card numbers from the pockets of unsuspecting passerby.

Just being caught out once can have serious consequences and cause enormous stress and inconvenience to you. These issues can normally take several hours or even days to sort out. 

The threat of RFID Skimming

Anyone who has a RFID reader could potentially activate the chip embedded in your card allowing them to gain access to your personal information and make a transaction without your authority and what is more  concerning you won’t even know you’ve been victim to it. As the world becomes more technically orientated and more items contain chips the worry of RFID increases. 

 One of the most popular ways for consumers to protect themselves from RFID skimming is by using a RFID blocking wallet. 

The RFID blocking works by creating an invisible shield which repels the electromagnetic energy sent out from RFID readers. 

It used to be the colour or the style that were a priority when buying a wallet, but while these are still important the RFID blocking is now the top feature when people are purchasing. You have that extra protection, peace of mind and is a surefire way to keep your money and information safe, in your account. 

When choosing an RFID Blocking Wallet

There are a lot of wallets available on the market that state they will protect you from RFID skimming but the real truth is they probably won’t e.g If you buy a RFID blocking wallet for £10 there is a chance it still won’t stop. A wallet is something you use everyday, so you may as well spend that bit extra to get that perfect wallet.

We sell a range of wallets with RFID blocking and we strongly advice you to think about it, the next time you purchase a wallet for yourself or as a gift. Secrid wallets have a super light aluminium Cardprotector, which protects up to six of your most important cards, both against bending and breaking and against RFID skimming.