Secrid B Corp Company

Secrid becomes a B Corp Company

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We are pleased to announce that Secrid has become a B Corp certified company.

What is B Corp?
It stands for Benefit Corporations. It’s a worldwide initiative made up of companies which meet a high standard of social and environmental responsibility performance, transparency and accountability.

This means these companies put people, animals and the environment first rather than making as much profit. This leads to a much healthier company, which benefits everyone. 

As B Lab, the organisation behind B Corps, describes it, B Corporations are companies that use Business as a Force for Good.

Caring for the Environment 
Secrid has always cared about the environment, from the beginning in 2009 when the company setup their production chain in the Netherlands despite the leather industry dying out to cheap labour countries. They had a vision, which they made happen on a scale never before seen in their country. 

Secrid works closely with suppliers and social work organisations, to develop and produce quality products in a clean, local and responsible manner. Becoming a certified B Corp, acknowledges their success.

Becoming a B Corp company
To make this happen, a company must complete an assessment which is backed up by hard data. This is so you can prove that you are meeting the requirements. When you have scored enough points in the assessment, the results are published so that everyone can see how well companies are scoring on the five categories. This is repeated every 3 years, to ensure continued improvements are being made.