Orbitkey - The Modern Keyring

Orbitkey - The Modern Keyring

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Oribitkey is an Australian brand which launched in 2012 with the mission to offer clever organisation for better living. They have completely redesigned the traditional key holder, replacing it with something more practical yet still being stylish. Once you start using this item, you will love it.

A more organised  pocket 

We have always been used to the traditional key holder clunking around in our pocket, scratching whatever it comes into contact with. Making it a hard item to carry in your pocket, so can be easily forgotten. 

The Orbitkey Organiser has redefined this introducing a reality where your keys can sit comfortably in your pocket. All in a silent stack with quick access when needed for immediate use.

Materials available 
Orbitkey offers a range of different materials to match everyone's style. We offer the Active, Leather, and Crazy Horse ranges.



A smooth surface and highly resistant to the elements. Whether it’s rain, snow or sunshine - it’s durable enough to handle your day, wherever it takes you.

The leather range is a modern classic in our field of organised accessories. Created with a combination of hand-crafted leathers combined, it’s a style that matures with beauty over time.

Crazy Horse 
Having a reputation for ageing well, Crazy Horse is a highly resilient leather chosen for its durability and unique look. Made from full-grain cowhide leather means it’s of the highest quality. Crazy Horse leather is completely buffed, smoothened, and coated with a special wax that allows it to develop a unique natural patina over time. 

Never lose your keys or belongings 

Aside from the Key Organiser, Oribitkey has also developed an ultra-lightweight tracker that can slide in with your keys, inside your Orbitkey. 

How does it work? 
The Bluetooth tracker is made in collaboration with Chipolo who provide a mobile app where you can press a button that sends a signal to the tracker to make a sound, you can also pinpoint the location on the app. It can also work the other way round if you misplace your phone. Just press the concealed button on the tracker to ring your phone. 

Any other uses? 

Yes, you don't just have to use the tracker for your keys, you can also attach it to your bag or a small item that is easy to loose with the included tassel. 


Still, have questions?

That's fine, our dedicated team of gadget specialists are here to help you choose the right match for you. Chat with us on live chat, email us or you can even come and visit our retail store to see the items in person.

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