Embrace the Cozy Elegance of Autumn with Broadleys New Collection

Embrace the Cozy Elegance of Autumn with Broadleys New Collection

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As the leaves begin to don their vibrant hues and a refreshing crispness fills the air, it can only mean one thing - autumn is here! It's time to trade in those breezy summer outfits for something more substantial, and where better to start than at Broadleys, your ultimate destination for all things fashionable this season. We're thrilled to introduce our exciting new autumn collection both in store and online, featuring an array of premium brands like Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Gant, Lacoste, and the impeccable knitwear from Gran Sasso. Prepare to be captivated by the essence of autumn style!

Hugo Boss: A Symphony of Sophistication

When it comes to timeless sophistication, Hugo Boss is a name that needs no introduction. This autumn, Broadleys proudly presents an exquisite range of Hugo Boss attire that effortlessly combines classic style with contemporary sensibilities. From sharply tailored polos to versatile casual jeans , you'll find a meticulously curated selection that redefines elegance.

Every season, Hugo Boss also unveils exciting features and collaborations. In the current season, they are unveiling two distinct feature collections—one centred around the world of gaming and the other inspired by the rugged world of bikers.

Hugo Boss is your go-to destination for all your fashion needs, making it one of our most popular brands. Plus, we receive regular deliveries throughout the week to ensure you have access to the latest styles.

 Tommy Hilfiger: Classic Americana, Reimagined

Tommy Hilfiger has long been associated with classic American fashion, and this season, we're bringing you the best of their autumn collection. Expect to discover cozy sweaters, stylish outerwear, and signature Tommy Hilfiger denim that effortlessly embodies the spirit of fall. These pieces effortlessly transition from day to night, making them perfect for all your autumn adventures.

You can also explore our extensive selection of Tommy Hilfiger footwear, ranging from elegant formal shoes, boots to comfortable casual trainers. A must have for styling the latest Tommy look.

 Lacoste: The Iconic Crocodile Lives On

Lacoste, with its iconic crocodile logo, continues to be a symbol of timeless sporty elegance. From polo shirts to cozy sweatshirts, our Lacoste offerings capture the essence of relaxed sophistication that's perfect for the season, with a splash of colour.

Gant: Timeless Comfort and Style

Gant is our longest running brand and is still going strong. With product quality and craftsmanship right at the heart, Gant is a widely favoured brand among many.

In recent years they have been transforming the brand introducing more variety, like the teddy bear jumper and bold sweatshirts that take inspiration from their long standing heritage.

Explore our selection of Gant clothing in store to find that versatile piece. Whether it's a casual weekend outfit or something more refined, Gant has you covered.

Rodd & Gunn: A Journey through Nature's Palette

Here is another great brand, which has broken into the UK market over the last few years. With a brand store located in Mayfair, you can also find the brand in a select number of retailers, including us.

Rodd & Gunn offers a wide range of clothing items from shirts, jeans to knitwear.  They also use a wide range of fabrics such as Australian cotton.

Eton Shirts: Craftsmanship Meets Contemporary Elegance

When it comes to formalwear, Eton Shirts is a name synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship and contemporary style. Our selection of Eton Shirts features a range of luxurious shirts and accessories, perfect for those special occasions this autumn. Elevate your formal attire with Eton's attention to detail and sophistication.

We also offer a range of casual shirts and polos. So you can either go for the formal look, or opt for the casual look. All Eton’s items are made to perfection. So no matter what you choose, you will look the part.

Bruhl: A Blend of Comfort and Style

Classic comfort and style merge seamlessly in the Bruhl collection at Broadleys. As the temperature begins to drop, you'll appreciate the warmth and durability of Bruhl's trousers in a thick cotton. Designed to a classic cut, Bruhl offers an effortless way to stay comfortable for that traditional person.

R2 Shirts and Jackets: A Modern Twist on Classic Menswear

R2 Shirts and Jackets reimagine classic menswear with a unique flair. Every shirt boasts a distinctive trim inside the collar and cuffs, while the jackets offer a similar touch, complete with an integrated pocket square.

Although it may not have the same recognition as some of our other brands, R2 certainly holds its own. R2 shirts are expertly tailored for a stylish yet comfortable fit, and the jackets follow suit, ensuring the ideal fit for a sophisticated look.

Gran Sasso: Luxurious Knitwear at Its Best

When it comes to knitwear, few brands can rival the Italian craftsmanship of Gran Sasso. Our collection of Gran Sasso knitwear is a testament to the brand's commitment to using the finest materials and artisanal techniques. Each piece exudes warmth and luxury, making them essential additions to your autumn wardrobe.

But that's not all - Broadleys autumn collection includes many more exciting brands and styles, all carefully chosen to help you make a statement this season. Whether you're looking for a wardrobe refresh, updating your work attire, or simply seeking that perfect autumn accessory, our website www.broadleys.co.uk is your one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs.

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