Carry all your essentials in a light weight wallet...

Everyone is wanting to go smaller, to only carry what they need, so it takes up less room in the pocket.  We now have the answer,  with a dedicated store to small wallets you are sure to find the right one for you.

We offer a wide range of different wallets all with their own unique features and excellent built quality. When your using a wallet every day its worth investing in one you like to use.  

Secrid Wallet Collection 

Our best selling wallet brand due to the great built quality and the ease of flicking up 4-6 of your most used cards without even opening your wallet. The cards in the cardprotector are RFID protected. With space inside for notes and 2 more cards in each slot. 
Fitting in your pocket nicely but having some weight so you know its their, makes it the ultimate slim wallet for all your essentials.  

.Made in Holland | RFID Protected | High quality Leather ......

Grid Wallets Collection

One of the slimmest wallets you can own and is very robust. You can carry 1-12 cards which are all RFID protected and it also has a money clip on the back for your notes. You even have the option to take off the clip and make it even slimmer.
If your a person that only carries a few cards and a bit of cash then this is for you. Small Wallets is the only stockist in the UK currently!

Lifetime Warranty |  RFID Protected  | Very Strong  |Ultra Slim 

Double 00 Wallets Collection

Our softest leather wallet brand we offer. All their wallets are made in Spain from high quality leather, coming in a variety of colours. 
You can store about 12 inside with the notes on top. You then close the wallet and secure it with the elastic. The wallet also gives you the option to store a couple of cards in its back pocket. Saving you the need to open your wallet.

Soft Leather | Made in Spain | Stores a lot of cards.... 

Nodus Wallets Collection

Our latest wallet brand to stock which makes it easier to go smaller for those who find it hard. Each wallet design has been carefully thought out providing RFID protection(stops your cards from being scanned which is an ever growing problem) and also having slots for RFID enabled. This then means when your paying contactless you don't even have to get your card out.  
RFID Protected | RFID enabled | Italian Leather.....

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Small Wallets 

Their are so many reasons why you should go smaller and choose a Small Wallet

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